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William K. Dietz, Founding Partner Of Dietz, Gilmor & Chazen, Retires

Dietz, Gilmor & Chazen, a statewide California workers’ compensation defense firm, announces the retirement of William K. Dietz, Esq.

William K. Dietz is retiring after four decades of legal practice in the state of California. During his long career, he has earned recognition as an expert in the field of workers’ compensation while maintaining his reputation for integrity and fairness among his peers, employees, and clients.

Dietz, Gilmor & Chazen began as Dietz, Gilmor & Associates in 1997 as a small, one-office firm. Mr. Dietz has been integral to the expansion of the firm, which currently has eight offices and over 40 attorneys. He attributes the firm’s expansion and success to the collective effort of partners, attorneys, and all of the employees who demonstrate great attitudes and professionalism in their work.

It is with pride in the firm and confidence in its continued success that he leaves the firm’s future in the hands of partners Mark Gilmor and Avery Chazen.

In retirement, Bill and his wife, Sherry, plan to travel, spend time with their family, enjoy the beach and life in general.

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May 28th, 2021|News Articles|

Christopher Vincent, Associate Attorney (DGC Orange County), Settles Skull Fracture Claim with Pro Per Claimant and Precludes Protracted Litigation

This matter was referred to Chris Vincent on February 11, 2021 with instruction to draft a C&R for $20,000.00 to secure the unrepresented injured worker’s agreement so that an Order Approving could be attained. The facts were not run-of-the-mill.

The claimant, a restaurant worker, had a history of grand mal seizures since age 15 and would typically experience one every two to three months. While working on March 4, 2019, he did have such a seizure, causing him to fall to the ground, hitting his head and losing consciousness. He was rushed to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a skull fracture, subarachnoid hemorrhage, and subdural hematoma.

Fortunately, the claimant made a substantial recovery, although he continued to experience headaches, fatigue, nervousness, moments of depression, trouble processing stimuli, and difficulty with short-term memory. He was temporarily totally disabled for about six and a half months, then gradually returned to part-time and eventually full-time work. He later voluntarily separated from his employment.

On June 17, 2020, he was evaluated by a panel QME neurologist, who assessed 8% WPI based on benign forgetfulness. Any psychological factors were deferred to the appropriate specialist. The claimant did not request a second QME panel. The PD rating was 11%.

Chris opted for a low-pressure approach, with telephone communication and occasional follow-up emails, building rapport and allowing the claimant time to review the settlement documents and consider options. Chris promptly and thoughtfully answered a number of the claimant’s questions regarding the proposed settlement. In turn, the claimant agreed to, signed, and returned the C&R to Chris in decidedly quick fashion. An Order Approving was issued on March 16, 2021.

This claim had a high risk of multiple additional QME panels and a substantially higher settlement if it became litigated. Based on the communication with the claimant, he appeared to be a sophisticated individual who nonetheless could have chosen to retain counsel. However, it is most likely that the claims examiner’s and Chris’ cordial, low-key approach played a large role in this pro per claimant’s decision to settle.

You can read redacted versions of the Compromise and Release and Order Approving Compromise and Release below.


Compromise and Release: Click here

Order Approving Compromise and Release: Click here


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May 14th, 2021|News Articles|

DGC Partner, Alan Cooper (Greater Los Angeles Office), Certified by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization for Workers’ Compensation Law

DGC Partner in Greater Los Angeles, Alan Cooper, has earned his Certificate of Specialization in Workers’ Compensation Law from the State Bar of California’s Board of Legal Specialization as of April 1, 2021.

Becoming a Certified Specialist in Workers’ Compensation Law with the State Bar of California is a process which can be undertaken only every two years. The process begins with a comprehensive exam lasting 6 ½ hours. The four-hour morning session is spent writing eight essays. In the afternoon, there are 75 multiple-choice questions to answer within 2 ½ hours. In addition, an aspiring candidate must submit written evaluations from judges and other attorneys, along with proof of completion of at least 45 MCLE hours. After the requirements have been met, a final decision on certification generally takes six months.

Statewide, Certified Specialists are recognized as authorities on issues of importance within their specialization and are identified as such when interviewed by media. Only specialists can be searched by practice area on the California State Bar website.

Dietz, Gilmor & Chazen congratulates Alan Cooper on his most recent accomplishment.

More information can be found here:

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Company Name: Dietz, Gilmor & Chazen, APC
Full Name: David Jankosky, DGC Client Services (213-278-1513)
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April 1st, 2021|News Articles|

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